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Who has what role in local rail passenger transport?

Responsible bodies are usually transport companies of the state government. They are responsible for organising local transport in a federal state. They commission transport companies, such as erixx, to carry out local transport. These orders are subject to fixed conditions: timetable, vehicles, quality, valid tickets and sales, fixed price per km.

DB Station & Service
is owner and operator of the stations and therefore responsible for functionality, cleanliness and passenger information of the station. metronom is the tenant of the facilities.

DB Netz AG
is the owner of the track systems, signalling technology, turnouts etc. It is responsible for their operation, maintenance and repair. metronom is the tenant of the facilities. DB Netz AG prepares the basic timetable and makes it available to erixx

Plant (workshop)

For the maintenance, repair and servicing of trains, the contracting authorities have concluded service contracts with the manufacturers of the vehicles. Here the trains are serviced, repaired and cleaned every day. The work is coordinated by the transport undertaking and carried out by the manufacturer or a service provider.

Railway Undertakings (RUs) erixx GmbH / erixx Holstein GmbH

Transport undertakings are contracted by the contracting authority. Tasks of the transport undertaking are:
- Provision of train drivers and passenger attendants incl. Training
- Preparation of the timetable details
- Cleaning of the trains incl. Supply and disposal (e. g. with water)
- Safety while driving
- Information for passengers (e. g. timetable book, customer magazine, website, app, facebook)
- Sale of tickets
- Checking the tickets on the train
- Customer service (e. g. lost property, advice, reservation)

Failures and delays due to weather damage

As soon as there’s a bit of a storm, everything collapses? That this impression is imposed is also clear to us. In fact, our routes are often overland and there are many trees to the left and right of the tracks. Unfortunately, in many places they are too close to the tracks. The necessary green cutting has not yet been carried out by the colleagues of the DB or is prevented by the property owners. When it storms, trees fall on the tracks again and again. It may take some time to clean up and repair the damage.

Do erixx trains accept the BahnCard?

The discount is granted to the extent necessary (25%, 50% or 100%) for journeys outside the transport associations.

Can I take my bicycle on the train?

Of course you can take your bicycle on the erixx trains, provided that you purchased a corresponding ticket beforehand. The bicycle ticket costs €4.50 and can be purchased at all machines (Attention! Different regulations apply to the transport associations: HVV, GVH, VBN, VRB).

Given that the spaces for bicycles are limited in erixx due to safety regulations, we recommend groups with more than 6 people to register in advance. In individual cases, taking a bicycle into the train can be excluded. In this case, we kindly ask you to take the next train.

Can I use my disability ID in erixx trains?

Yes, severely disabled persons with a valid ID and a respective token can travel free of charge in erixx trains. With a corresponding note, an accompanying person can also travel free of charge; the same applies to using first class.

What do I do if the machine on the platform is not working?

If a machine has a technical malfunction or the machine has been destroyed by vandalism and there is no other option of purchasing tickets at the train station, please note the machine number, location and time of malfunction. Please contact our on-board staff after boarding the erixx train without being requested to do so. If the ticket machine was demonstrably technically malfunctioning, you can purchase a ticket in line with an emergency sale on board (please observe, that there is only a limited selection available here). If it could be verified that there was no malfunction, the passenger will receive a payment request for a higher fare.

I lost something. What can I do?

Contact our Lost and Found and indicate as precisely as possible, what you lost (incl. description) and where. Meanwhile, your lost item may have already been found by our staff and returned to the Lost and Found. You can then pick up your lost property or have it sent to you; please observe, that the latter involves paying a fee.

Can I also purchase my ticket on the train?

No, our rule is, as is the case in all commuter trains in Lower Saxony: please purchase a valid ticket before starting your journey. Tickets are not sold in the trains. You can find more information here.

Can I use my semester ticket in erixx trains?

Yes, provided that an agreement was made for the purchase and use of the semester ticket of the respective general students’ committee (AStA) with the erixx GmbH. The semester tickets of the transport associations (HVV, GVH, VBN) can also be used in erixx trains however, only for the lines indicated.

Can members of the German Federal Armed Forces travel for free with erixx?

Military service personnel with a valid authorisation pass in connection with a valid military ID card can travel for free in standard class for journeys between their place of residence and post.

I have a Rail & Fly ticket. Can I use it in erixx trains?

The “Rail and Fly inclusive” ticket is accepted throughout the entire rail network. The “Fahren und Fliegen” (“ride and fly”) ticket is only accepted within the transportation associations.

What do I have to do if I have received a fare escalation?

If you have received a fare collection on the train, you must transfer the amount to the specified account within the specified payment period. For an objection, please use the form under this link (please click).

Forgot your personal subscription or time ticket?

No problem. You have the opportunity to show your personalised subscription or season ticket later on the train within the time limit set by the tariff. The increased transport charge is then reduced to a low charge. The fee can only be paid in cash .

Emergency bus services

If there are unplanned train cancellations, we have to organise buses ad hoc, a so-called emergency bus service. We have concluded contracts with the regional bus and taxi companies so that we can order vehicles directly in the event of a breakdown. However, we are dependent on our partners being able to provide us with sufficient capacity quickly. The provision of sufficient capacity can be difficult, especially during peak hours. Then it’s time to wait for the buses to arrive.

Replacement rail transport

If we know about a construction site in advance, we have enough time to plan a replacement bus service. Then we can draw up a timetable in advance and order sufficient capacity. Bus operators can also adapt to the needs.

Transport of animals

Pets that are small (up to the size of a domestic cat), safe and kept in closed containers (e. g. pet transport boxes) are free of charge. Please note that the other passengers and our staff must not be affected. Dogs that cannot be accommodated in a transport box due to their size must be kept on a leash and muzzled.

For journeys within the territory of a transport association, the carriage arrangements for dogs are based on the rules of the respective transport association. If you pass through different fare zones during the journey, you may need to buy a regular half-price ticket (children’s ticket) for the dog. When this is the case is regulated in the Conditions of Carriage & Tariff Provisions of erixx GmbH. When travelling with you on the Lower Saxony Ticket and the Cross-through-Land Ticket, your dog is considered an adult person.

Animals classified as “dangerous dogs” are not allowed to travel.

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